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            [label] => Registered Donors

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            [total] => 1,539
            [label] => Awaiting Transplant 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 1,285
            [label] => Kidney (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 176
            [label] => Liver (waiting: 531.2024)

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            [total] => 48
            [label] => Heart (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 44
            [label] => Kidney/Pancreas (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 12
            [label] => Lung (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 6
            [label] => Pancreas (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 4
            [label] => Intestine (waiting: 5.31.2024)

U.S. VA service information is available at or (800) 698-2411. If you or an immediate family member ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces, an information tool and service guide are available at Thank you for your service.
4,421,402 Registered Donors
1,539 Awaiting Transplant 5.31.2024)
1,285 Kidney (waiting: 5.31.2024)
176 Liver (waiting: 531.2024)
48 Heart (waiting: 5.31.2024)
44 Kidney/Pancreas (waiting: 5.31.2024)
12 Lung (waiting: 5.31.2024)
6 Pancreas (waiting: 5.31.2024)
4 Intestine (waiting: 5.31.2024)


Thank you for wanting to learn about the volunteer opportunities with Missouri Organ and Tissue Donor Program.  Volunteers are an essential component to promoting and educating others about Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation.  Opportunities vary from in-person events, sponsoring registration drives, promoting organ and tissue donation programs, or assisting with educational efforts.  Whether you are a donor family member, living donor, donor recipient, or someone who is passionate about organ, eye, and tissue donation, there are various volunteer opportunities with Donate Life Missouri. 

There are various ways to volunteer, below are a few ways to get started:

  • Community Registry Drive
    • Organize and host a community registry drive within your community, place of work, place of worship, or school for fellow friends, co-workers, family, students, teachers, and staff to register.  If someone lives in another state, but would still like to register to be an organ donor, they can register in their home state here or in the national registry here.
  • If you want to organize a community registry drive, please contact us so that we can add the event to the website calendar.  We will also provide you with a link you can offer your audience to register. The link will help count the number of individuals that register as a result of your event.
  • Promoting Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation
    • There may be an opportunity to volunteer in the 2020/2021 school calendar year to assist with presenting information to public school boards about the online HS education program, Learn Life Savers.  Before presenting, volunteers have to complete provided training.  If you have an interest in volunteering with this project, please let us know so that we can add your name to the volunteer training list.
  • Volunteers can post accurate information on their social media sites about donation and encouraging individuals to register on the Missouri registry.  Free social media messages will soon be available that volunteers can use to aid in getting the message out about organ, eye and tissue donation.
  • If you want to speak in front of your place of worship, social groups, community groups and organizations and need some talking points, let us know.  While key messages are currently under development and will be ready by the end of this year, we can work to get talking points to you prior to that time. Please notify us at least two-weeks in advance of the scheduled event and include the date and audience. You will receive customized talking points with facts specific to your audience. Of course, this website is full of reliable information and resources that you can use to develop your own talking points.
  • Supporting Donate Life Missouri Registry and Education Effort Through Monetary Contributions
    • While the Organ and Tissue Donor Program is a state program, voluntary contributions fund program efforts.  To learn more on how you can contribute to program efforts, click here.
  • Other Opportunities
    • Volunteer opportunities also exists with the procurement agencies in Missouri; Midwest Transplant Network, Mid America Transplant, or Saving Sight. To learn more about these agencies, their personal missions, and further volunteer opportunities, click on the agency name.
  • Annual Donor Family Recognition Program held at the Missouri State Capitol (April).   Volunteers are always needed and welcomed to honor and escort donor families throughout the building, be available to assist at the designated parking area, assist with information booths, etc.  If you have an interest in this effort, please let us know so that we can add you to the volunteer list.

If you want to learn more about these volunteer opportunities or be added to our volunteer contact list, please send an email to or call 888-497-4564.