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            [total] => [donor_count]
            [label] => Registered Donors

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            [total] => 1,530
            [label] => Awaiting Transplant 4.30.2024)

    [2] => Array
            [total] => 1,273
            [label] => Kidney (waiting: 4.30.2024)

    [3] => Array
            [total] => 184
            [label] => Liver (waiting: 4.30.2024)

    [4] => Array
            [total] => 45
            [label] => Heart (waiting: 4.30.2024)

    [5] => Array
            [total] => 44
            [label] => Kidney/Pancreas (waiting: 4.30.2024)

    [6] => Array
            [total] => 9
            [label] => Lung (waiting: 4.30.2024)

    [7] => Array
            [total] => 5
            [label] => Pancreas (waiting: 4.30.2024)

    [8] => Array
            [total] => 3
            [label] => Intestine (waiting: 4.30.2024)

U.S. VA service information is available at or (800) 698-2411. If you or an immediate family member ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces, an information tool and service guide are available at Thank you for your service.
4,404,170 Registered Donors
1,530 Awaiting Transplant 4.30.2024)
1,273 Kidney (waiting: 4.30.2024)
184 Liver (waiting: 4.30.2024)
45 Heart (waiting: 4.30.2024)
44 Kidney/Pancreas (waiting: 4.30.2024)
9 Lung (waiting: 4.30.2024)
5 Pancreas (waiting: 4.30.2024)
3 Intestine (waiting: 4.30.2024)

Submit A Story

Sharing your donor or transplant story can inspire others to register as organ, eye and tissue donors. Submit a story today. Others want to see, hear and read the words of living donors, transplant recipients, individuals waiting for a transplant, and families whose loved one was a donor at the time of death. The following are tips to help you in telling and submitting a story.

Be real and limit details.
Transplant Recipients: Share what your life was like before and after transplant. How did you feel? What did you want to do and could not?
Living Donor: Why did you decide to become a living donor?
Donor Families: Was your loved one a registered donor or did you have to make that decision as a family?

Be brief. Think about how you can tell your story in under three minutes and then jot it down. Take time to edit so that it reflects what you want people to know.

Be heartfelt. It is okay to share your emotion in your story. If you struggle with writing your story. It is okay to take a step back and try again later. Your story can inspire others to learn more about donation, or change someone’s understanding of donation. Your story may be the story that prompts someone to take action and register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. Write your story when you are ready.

Be bold. Encourage others to learn more and then register as donors at

Include a picture. When submitting a photo, you are giving the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services permission to share your picture of you and those in the picture with you.