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ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19 and office closures, expect a delay in processing mailed or faxed paper registrations and removals. Please consider using the online features.
3,973,017 Registered Donors
1,309 Awaiting Transplant
1,116 Kidney
13 Kidney/Pancreas
7 Pancreas
113,035 National Wait List
123 Liver
53 Heart
12 Lung
3 Heart/Lung
3 Intestine

Blood Donation

There is no substitute for blood. One pint of blood can save several lives. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues. Platelets promote blood clotting. Cancer, transplant, trauma, and surgery patients are a few reasons why blood donation is important and it does save lives. To learn more about blood donation contact your local Red Cross office or visit The Red Cross website.