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            [total] => 1,539
            [label] => Awaiting Transplant 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 1,285
            [label] => Kidney (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 176
            [label] => Liver (waiting: 531.2024)

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            [total] => 48
            [label] => Heart (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 44
            [label] => Kidney/Pancreas (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 12
            [label] => Lung (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 6
            [label] => Pancreas (waiting: 5.31.2024)

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            [total] => 4
            [label] => Intestine (waiting: 5.31.2024)

U.S. VA service information is available at or (800) 698-2411. If you or an immediate family member ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces, an information tool and service guide are available at Thank you for your service.
4,421,402 Registered Donors
1,539 Awaiting Transplant 5.31.2024)
1,285 Kidney (waiting: 5.31.2024)
176 Liver (waiting: 531.2024)
48 Heart (waiting: 5.31.2024)
44 Kidney/Pancreas (waiting: 5.31.2024)
12 Lung (waiting: 5.31.2024)
6 Pancreas (waiting: 5.31.2024)
4 Intestine (waiting: 5.31.2024)

How to Become a Donor

How can I become an organ, eye, and tissue donor?

Once you make the decision to be a donor, record your decision. Just as importantly, inform your family of your decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. There are several ways  to document your decision:

Register your decision online in the Donate Life Missouri Registry

  • Enroll in the Registry when you obtain or renew an instruction permit or driver/nondriver license. Say yes.
  • Complete and mail in a paper registration form available at You may also call toll-free at 888-497-4564 to obtain a copy of the form.
  • Include your decision in an advance health care directive, will, or living will. If your family is unaware of your advanced health care directive or living will, they may be unable to carry out your decision. Communicate your choice.
  • Sign and carry a donor card ( or other signed record.
  • Provide any communication witnessed by two adults during a terminal illness or injury (one witness must be a disinterested witness).



How do I make my decision known?

Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate!

Your family will learn of your decision to donate at the time of your death if you are in the Missouri or national registry. Inform them now so it will not be a surprise to them during a very difficult time.

In the absence of a recorded decision, the next of kin or legal decision maker will decide for you. If you are a person under the age 18 and not emancipated, your parent(s) or legal guardian will make the final decision, even if in one of the registries.

After talking to your family, consider talking to your faith leader, friends, and doctor about your decision.

Can I be a donor without being in the Registry?

Yes. If you decide to be a donor and prefer not to join the Registry, it is important to tell your family about your decision. You are encouraged to tell your family about your decision and join the Registry.

What if I’m not a Missouri resident?

If you reside in or travel to Missouri, you are encouraged to sign up in Missouri’s registry (  in addition to your home state registry. For information on how to enroll in your state, visit and ]choose your state. You will be directed to your home state registry page.