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If you or an immediate family member ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces, an information tool and service guide is available at or (573) 522-4061. U.S. VA service information is available at or (800) 698-2411. Thank you for your service.
4,281,269 Registered Donors
1,443 Awaiting Transplant (11.30.2022)
1,217 Kidney (waiting) (11.30.2022)
155 Liver (waiting) (11.30.2022)
34 Heart (waiting) (11.30.2022)
37 Kidney/Pancreas (waiting) (11.30.2022)
13 Lung (waiting) (11.30.2022)
6 Pancreas (waiting) (11.30.2022)
1 Intestine (waiting) (11.30.2022)

Camryn Crist

Categories: Story

#CheckYes4Life has become my favorite hashtag. Bringing awareness to the importance of organ donation is so very important to me. Being involved with the Miss Missouri Outstanding Teen program (sister program to Miss America) has given me a platform and a voice to share my passion for #CheckYes4Life.

In the Fall of 2020, I partnered up with Midwest Transplant Network and published
“New Eye Rescue!” A coloring book that is based on a true story about my grandfather and how organ donation impacted his life. This medium has been beneficial in bringing awareness to #CheckYes4Life. I have been invited to classrooms, youth groups, and civic groups to share the story. This journey has been eye opening and so rewarding, one of the highlights was being able to send 200 coloring books and crayons to families for the virtual Donor Family Recognition Day in April 2021 sponsored by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Governor’s Organ Donation Advisory Committee.

I have attended many health fairs where I focused on increasing the number of registered donors simply by helping them sign up! My family and I continue to share stories and successes using my social media pages. During National Donate Life month in 2021, I had a day I will never forget, I had the honor of meeting virtually with Missouri Governor Mike Parson; we discussed the importance of organ donation and its impact on families and lives.

My goal is to make a difference, having received messages from acquaintances, friends and family telling me that they made the courageous decision to #CheckYes4Life, I feel confident that I am on the right path. I want to thank those that have given me endless support, I will continue to bring awareness of this life changing cause. #CheckYes4Life and register your decision to be a donor at